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Leaflet Distribution in Loughborough

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Looking for a local and reliable GPS tracked leaflet distribution service in Loughborough? Look no further than Solus Leaflet Distribution.


At Solus Distribution we believe in delivering the best results for companies in the most efficient and professional manner. With our GPS tracked deliveries and uniformed, supervised professional staff we do things a little bit differently.


View our video testimonials page to find out, what some of our regular on-going contract customers have to say about us.


Why leaflet marketing? Leaflet marketing is cost-effective and gets real results in a fraction of the time compared to print, online or TV marketing. It is the best choice for businesses of any size or budget, by doing the one thing guaranteed to drive results for you and your business: Getting your product, service and message into the hands of your potential customers.


With prices starting from £65 per 1000 leaflets/menus/flyers, and a minimum order quantity of 3000, we represent real value for money to suit any business. No job is too big or small.


So if you are a business, based in the Loughborough area, then don't delay


Call 07486922431 or email us on today to find out more


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How it works


We can help plan your drops and work out how many leaflets you will need to cover your required areas. 


GPS Tracking 

All drops carried out by our leafleter's are GPS tracked, each team member has a GPS tracking device on them at all times.


By using our tracking system, we can check to see if any roads have been missed and put this right in a timely fashion.



All our distributors are supervised to ensure that they don't cut across the grass, leave gates open or leave leaflets hanging out of letterboxes.

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